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November 21, 2008

The Sinda Elevations Are Here!

Pssssst! I just got The Sinda elevations!!!!

And since y'all have been so nice and patient I'm sending them to you before they're even on the site.

Enjoy. : )

(This is now being sent to the factory, which will then give us price estimates, at which point I will add it all to the site. The architecture firm, Gelotte Hommas, will also be sending over a revised floorplan which will go on the site as well.)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226



November 11, 2008

Green Cottage Kits News! Especially to Yahoo Emails.

Dear Green Cottage Kits Nice People,

So sorry to follow up so quickly after the November newsletter - but many of you have emailed me with further questions, and when I responded to your email, if you were a Yahoo user especially it would reject my response, saying "No Such User." While I clear that up with Yahoo (I suspect it thinks my domain is spam), I thought I'd take the time to answer some of these questions that all of you might find of value.

Again, my apologies for sending out an email so quickly on the heels of our earlier newsletter.

Answers To Your Questions:

  • Unfortunately the elevations for Midway and The Sinda are just now being completed. Our summer and fall turned out much more busy than we expected (which, is a good thing), and I am reviewing the final illustrations now. They will then be sent to the factory for pricing, and I will notify you all when I put it on the site. : )
  • There are Bienvenues in the process of being purchased and built. I was waiting to tell you about them because I don't consider a purchase "real" until... Hmmm, I guess once the construction is underway? : ) Please know you *will* see some blogs and more news soon. (I'm kind of a "don't count yer eggs until they've hatched" kind of gal... )
  • Yes there are tweaks you may do, don't forget your local engineer will need to review the documents to ensure they meet local code so at that time we can make those adjustments as long as they stay within the architect's vision (So a basement? No problem.) What you do need to remember is that we designed to that there is as little waste as possible, hence fitting the design to be as energy-efficient and as least wasteful as possible.
  • To the nice gentleman in Michigan: This solar federal tax credit website might help you (and all of you): and for state credits, go here:
  • I *am* researching cladding options that I might get volume pricing for, as I did for Green Modern Kits. Stay tuned. : )
  • And to the nice mom who has property in Long Beach, Washington: I enjoyed so much seeing your family, I volunteer for and have family gained through adoption and am very involved in foster care placement. Look forward to speaking with you more.
Again, I apologize for sending this out so quickly on the heels of the last newsletter. Hopefully you will have found it of value-- until then, you will not hear from me again until I have BIG NEWS to share! : )

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226



November 4, 2008

Green Cottage Kits News! November 2008

Greetings From Green Cottage Kits!
Here is the latest news and updates for November 2008.

Virginia casa ti

I know you are traditional cottage enthusiasts, but thought I'd share that our own modern house kit construction is well underway- the foundation was framed, the radiant heat tubing laid, concrete poured... and TODAY the house kit arrived!

Our house kit is being put together by the Amish.

So please keep an eye on if you would like to follow that kit's progress! (There is also a casa ti being built in Oklahoma, you can start to follow project blogs under the "recent projects" area.)

Gelotte Hommas Architects

Award-winning Gelotte Hommas, the architects of the cottage house kit series, have been busy on a local custom home.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the project: (Scott Hommas of Gelotte Hommas Architecture did this beautiful illustration)
Tumble Creek Cabin
Roslyn, Washington

Blending seamlessly with the environment, this recently completed Gelotte Hommas Architecture project provides the perfect retreat for a Seattle family. The 2,600 square foot home is designed for entertaining and can accommodate multiple families. For quiet separation, the bedroom pod is set apart from the active areas by the entry hallway.

After much hard work, we signed a TEXAS factory to offer the same low price for our house kits in this key state!!! I know a bunch of y'all are in Texas, so now you have a local business that would fabricate your house kit. Yay!

Well good thing we signed that Texas factory, 'cause *that day* a nice Texas gentleman confirmed that yes, he would like an R1 Residential. : ) He is right outside of Houston, and we will keep you posted on that as it develops. He is in the process of soil testing to determine his house site and possibilities.

Rainwater filtration / collection / gray water / potable solutions expand!

Our original partner, Rain Filters of Texas, has joined into a larger network (throughout the United States and Canada), Rainwater Management Solutions. I am very excited to announce our partnership with this incredible group, as they are recognized as national leaders using cutting edge technology, while spending the time to educate zoning and government.

This is great news for you, whether you are in Arizona, Canada, or *wherever,* because now we have a much wider offering of rain solutions for you, wherever you may live!

Rainwater Management Solutions brings a common sense, cost effective approach to the escalating issue of water conservation and management through its innovative rainwater harvesting system designs and its experienced, knowledgeable staff.

Their combined expertise encompasses industries directly impacted by water management issues:
  • Commercial & Residential Developers
  • Engineers & Architects
  • Industrial & Commercial End Users
  • Agricultural Professionals
  • Local, State & National Agencies
...And that's our November Update!
In the meantime, I hope you are all having a productive autumn.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Sincerely yours,
Copeland Casati

copeland casati
6902 park ave / rva 23226